Nneme Spotlight: Business of the week.

The Business of The Week for Nneme spotlight is: 525 Systems https://525system.com/ ; a mother brand of IPF Nigeria, 217 Farms, Tracman and Habeep.

The developement and growth process of this great brand has been Chaotic. Below is an interview with Mr Elisha Agbama the CEO of 525 Systems.

Interviewer: Good day sir, with the smile in your face I know for sure that you’re fine.  I’m a reporter from Nneme Blog and our blog focuses on Business and events. Every week we bring to our spotlight the Business of the week, outstanding male and female personalities in Business.

We find your brand worthy to be on our spotlight as the business of the week. I plead your indulgence and ask that you give us some of your time and answer few questions that we’ll ask you concerning the ideation, developement and growth of your brand.

Mr Elisha: oh great,it’s fine by me. Let’s proceed.


Interviewer: Alright, thank you sir. Looking at the fact that you’re still very young and you’ve achieved a lot you must be a very passionate and committed person. My first question is; how did birth the idea of 525 systems and it’s subsidiaries?


Mr Elisha: I grew up in an environment where we were thought how to farm and be very hard working. It’s not like I had just woke up with the passion or vision to be who I am today but hardwork brings results.

Ideas are not fully birthed they keep evolving and popping up new versions as you keep working on them.

As i kept working,I started finding areas that I’m passionate about,I would do this today,do  that tomorrow,I kept trying things.

My default or subconscious will take note of those things that align with my passion. After identifying them, I did put in work to become who I am today.

Interviewer: In your process of becoming,you must have encountered some challenges and set backs, how were you able to overcome them?

Mr Elisha: I did encountered a lot of challenges as a matter of fact, it was a process in my journey.

Connecting the dots right now will be difficult but I was able to survive and thrive through it. 2018 was a very rough year for me,I had risen to a certain point then fell back even below the start point, it was going on and off, I lost money and resources.

Initially I was just being hard working but this time I added consistency, despite the fact that I had fallen after going that far I was determined that whatever the case maybe I have to plan up again.

As at then, it was very difficult but looking back at it now it looks like ABC.  From the year 2015 I lived and worked from the office,I got a house in 2018 then crashed back in 2019.

I could not afford accommodation in 2019,I had to manage the little funds I had which could only get an office space so I lived and worked in the office.

Interviewer: If you don’t mind,pls tell me the structure of your brand and how it functions.

Mr Elisha: The mother brand 525 systems has been since 2013, it has given birth to different brands cutting across different areas of life.

We have a Telecom company named IPS Nigeria which sells internet to companies and home users in Nigeria.

We also have an Agricultural company named the 217 farms.

Then a software solution named TRACMAN for the hospitality sector Aimed at managing hotels, their bookings,internal affairs, administration,accounting and a real estate app named HABEEP which is online but not ready for use.


We still have other brands that we use to reach out to young people as well.

Interviewer: What is your message to the passionate young persons out there that will get to read this interview?

Mr Elisha: I will be a proud person if I say my life is worthy of emulation but there are principal elements for success. First of all you have to be hardworking, yes people will say you’re a workaholic.

On a certain occasion someone asked my Mum, Why is Elisha’s thing always different? She gave him an answer saying: ” He puts his all into anything he’s doing”.

If I’m doing something,the first Questions I ask myself when  I’m done is, Could it be better? Or Can I make it better?


For the young person out there, they have to be deliberate and intentional about what they want, success doesn’t happen by mistake, it’s always strategic.

In one of my quotes I said: ” There is a lot of consistent strategic hardwork between wishing to become and becoming”.

If you don’t put in the strategic work,you won’t achieve those dreams and wishes.

Other than being hardworking,you have to be very strategic – here you bring in your intelligence,what I call the SMART WORK.

You can’t be hardworking for nothing,where is it taking you to? After that you must be consistent. Even if you’re selling garri , give in everything and be strategically consistent.

Take Note: Hardwork, Strategy, consistency then determination can make anything grow.

For instance, you start selling in a junction,first few weeks nobody buys,some persons who didn’t buy are observing and taking note of you and what you do.

Then one person remembers that you’re selling a particular thing in that junction,the person stops by to buy but you’re not there, trust me one year later that person will not stop by again.

Be determined,you will face challenges but you must be determined to overcome and be successful.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for your time, if I must confess your story is motivating and Inspiring.

I’ve learnt a lot of lessons and I’m inspired. Thank you once again.

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